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1LV appoints ‘the voice of women’s wealth’ to accelerate workplace gender equality

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Thursday 7 December: One Loud Voice (1LV), a trailblazing non-profit, has signalled a new era with the appointment of Anna Sofat as Chair. Anna was the visionary behind Addidi Wealth and dubbed ‘the voice of women’s wealth’ for advocating female empowerment in financial services and beyond.

At 1LV she will continue the organisation’s work in championing workplace gender equity. The aim is to change the landscape for professional women in the UK. Under her leadership there will be a focus on empowering the ‘sticky middle’ – ambitious, talented women who face cultural barriers to progression.

Anna’s role will be key in putting in place strategies, fostering growth through partnerships with business, building supportive allyships with men, and – critically – unleashing the untapped potential within the mid-to senior-management pipeline.

Anna said: ‘While championing senior women in the workplace remains integral, I envision 1LV breaking new ground especially in addressing the ‘sticky middle’. These are the talented, ambitious women who are constrained by an antiquated workplace culture.’

The ‘sticky middle’ is an area of the UK workplace that Anna also championed within the financial services sector. Working with the 1LV team, Anna’s vision is to accelerate women into senior leadership.

Jacqueline Abbott-Deane, 1LV CEO, added: ‘Anna’s legacy of leadership, combined with her passion for empowering women perfectly aligns with our mission. Together we aim to leave an imprint on UK workplaces that will help shape a more equitable society.’


Notes to editors: For further information please contact us at

About 1LV: We want to help women in the workplace at every point of their career journey. We have a particular focus on the lack of a healthy female talent pipeline in middle management, which is impacting senior leadership opportunities. This is the 'sticky middle'.

Together, let's build a future where everyone thrives

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