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One Loud Voice boosts board and appoints new Vice Chair

Two new trustees have joined the charity designed to make the workplace a more equal place for women at every point in their career journey

One Loud Voice (1LV) has appointed a new Vice Chair to support and promote the work of the Board. Harriet Cunningham is a governance executive for the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) and joins the trustees just a few months after Anna Sofat took up the reins as Chair.

‘I am still relatively early in my career,’ said Harriet. ‘This is an opportunity to learn and grow as a professional and an individual.’ She has already brought a fresh perspective to the 1LV team with her insight as a young professional, which she brought to her role as a member of the 1LV Executive Committee. Harriet impressed the team with her passion for promoting women in the workplace and her governance skillset, which will be important as 1LV rolls out its 2024 strategy. This strategy starts with the launch of the Gender Benchmark, which will be formally announced in early summer.


Roberto Taracido Ruiz will also join the 1LV Board as a trustee. Roberto has held leadership roles with large corporates including Groupon, WeWork and in his current role at Treatwell, the hair and beauty booking platform.


‘We are delighted with these appointments,’ said Anna. ‘Harriet represents the energy and positivity of the generation that is relatively early in its career – the very generation that will one day run UK boards and teams. Roberto’s perspective as a male ally is central to the work we do at 1LV. We cannot achieve equality without teams that are truly equal.’


Read more about Harriet and Roberto on Our Team page.

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