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What we stand for

We want to help women in the workplace at every point of their career journey. We have a particular focus on the lack of a healthy female talent pipeline in middle management, which is impacting senior leadership opportunities. This is the 'sticky middle'. To elevate them, we are...

Fearless &
Curious &
Collaborative & Inclusive

We do not waver in

the face of adversity

We persistently question norms to envision a brighter – more equal – future 

Together, we can

transform the workplace

Our Mission

To elevate women by influencing and reshaping workplaces into the best modern day work cultures of equality, psychological safety and opportunity. 

Working at home
Businesswoman Working at Desk

Our Vision

A future where workplaces everywhere thrive on true gender equality and celebrate diversity in every sense; where equality is a given, not a goal, for every woman and man.

Our Purpose

To bolster gender equity from within, inspiring organisations to adopt best practices while empowering women – particularly in the ‘sticky middle’ – to rise as inclusive leaders in their spheres.

Meeting at the office

Who we stand with...

We are the champion for every woman

striving in the workplace.

The women with talent.

The women with ambition.

The women who should rise to the top –

but cultural or societal norms prevent them.

These are the women in the 'sticky middle'.

We want to help women in the workplace at every point of their

career journey. We go on a journey to enable organisations to harness the potential of their female workforce for leadership roles.

Together, let's build a future where everyone thrives.

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