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WE+ is our gender equity benchmark. It's an essential tool, enabling organisations to measure themselves against what good looks like, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. 

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WE+ Measure

The 7 key gender equity goals

The WE+ Measure identifies the gender equity metrics that research and long experience show to be key in understanding where the organisation is as it strives for equality. Seven key areas are measured. 

Commit to gender equality 

Minimise bias in recruitment, promotion and reward

Resolve structural issues around working patterns and benefits

Create psychological safety, and an inclusive culture

Genuine partnership approach between genders

End gender discrimination and harassment

End gender pay gap

Early Adopter leads the way 

Kirsty Lynagh, Chief People and Performance Officer at Seccl, part of Octopus, explains why WE+ makes sense for businesses and individuals – and why she is proud to be an Early Adopter.  

How you can engage with us

We'd love you to get involved – because we are #louder together 

How you can engage with us..

Thanks for being involved – we are #loudertogether!

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