What we do

About us

One Loud Voice (1LV) is a movement dedicated to turning up the volume of the many voices that wish to work towards achieving gender parity across all areas of working life for women in the UK.

The idea for 1LV came when members of International women’s Forum UK (IWF UK) were discussing the agenda for women. There was a shared frustration that despite much progress, there are still so many major obstacles to women achieving equality a work.

As a result IWF UK joined ranks with other well-known women’s networks to begin the process of bringing voices and networks together.

The focus of 1LV is on engagement with networks representing women at all levels of seniority in the UK workforce.

1LV is not political.

1LV is not a membership organisation.

1LV raises money through sponsorship and philanthropic donations.

We want to enhance the voices of the women’s groups already campaigning for gender equality in the workplace.

What we do

1LV is a movement which will achieve its aims through amplifying campaigns on behalf existing groups, networks and individuals who are working to achieve gender parity across all areas of working life in the UK.

1LV adds volume to the important campaigning messages to ensure reach and impact is maximised

1LV focusses on the following issues:

  • The gender pay gap
  • Sexism and harassment in all forms in the workplace
  • Discrimination on the basis of gender in the workplace
  • Ensuring women have equal and fair access to opportunities and training in all sectors of business
  • Ensuring that women have equal representation, particularly in senior management, in organisations in the UK
  • Equitable support for family life and practices in the workplace