Privacy Policy


Your personal information and your privacy

We are One Loud Voice for Women. Our whole reason for being is to help networks campaigning for gender equality to make their messages heard. We work with the leaders of networks who have asked to join our movement to communicate this message. We are simply not in the business of selling or passing your information on to other organisations for marketing purposes. We have set out in this Privacy Policy when, why and how we collect your personal information. We are only interested in your personal information in order to keep you up to date with our campaigning activity – and to ask you to help us share our message – if you have expressed an interest in hearing from us, and in working together to end gender inequality in the workplace.


Our use of cookies

A cookie is a way a website tracks who has looked at it, we use cookies to help us work out trends on our website – for example which campaigns or equality themes are most popular. You can manage the way your web browsing information is collected by changing the settings in your web browser. If you Google it there are lots of simple guides to help you do this. If you have switched cookies off, you can still see everything on our website.


Our use of tools to see who looks at our content online  

Google offers a service that lets us see the way people visit and move around our site – Google Analytics. We cannot identify individuals during this process – it simply allows us to understand how people like the site, and to keep building the site to work best for the people that use it.  We absolutely do not make any attempt to find out the specific identities of who uses our site. As we build our social media profile, there are tools we can use to track trends and the popularity of our content – but again this is not about tracking you personally.


Our use of mailing lists

Our newsletter is one of our most important tools to keep our networks updated of current campaigns we are supporting and that they in turn should share out with their contacts. We collect your personal information through a form, so that, if you are interested, we can tell you about these campaigns. We send you our newsletter, and periodically might email you to keep you up to date with any change we think you will find useful. We never sell, rent or trade our lists – we will not pass your information on to another organisation. You can always unsubscribe if you need to by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of any of our emails.


This privacy policy was introduced in May 2018. We will review it annually, and it will always be available on our website. Taking care of your personal information is very important to us.