Flexible Working For The Silver Workforce

I’ve always pushed the boundaries of flexible working since 1989 when I became a partner in a City law firm on a four day week.

As I’ve just become the proud grandmother of a second set of twin girls, here we go again!! They’ve moved in with me and I wanted to support my daughter in the early days – so I’m on granny leave. And not for the first time (the two sets of twins are not the sum total of my grandchildren!)

To be clear – this is flexible working, not leave, but it’s great to have the opportunity to be with my daughter at this precious time. Basically I’m working from home on client work only (so not doing the extra management and business development activities that are usually part of my day to day responsibilities and saving on commuting). Not wishing to mislead, my client workload is huge, largely time critical and demanding but saving 2 hours commuting and working less than my usual gruelling hours is massively helpful.And Withers LLP where I am a senior partner are incredibly supportive. Works for everyone!

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